What if Artificial Intelligence helped you sell more?

AI-powered smart selling solution for B2C companies with long / complex sales cycles

Complex products? Complex sales cycle? Multi-channel approach?
Power your sales team with Artificial Intelligence. Sell smartly.

Our platform delivers operational efficiency, sales productivity, acquisition cost reduction and commercial margin control.

We transform data from all your marketing and sales channels into operational insights that are :

  • directly consumed by your teams in your existing CRM/LMS/PRM tools (conversion rate, joinability probability, etc.) ;
  • available through new tools (smartphone app) ; or
  • used in real-time for your customers (recommendations, pricing optimisation, etc.).

Achieve real results across the entire sales funnel

(Some business KPIs you can expect)



Operational efficiency in behavioral analysis



Optimization of sales conversion times



Optimization of marketing acquisition costs




Optimization of the commercial margin

It's time for the "Augmented Salesman"

Our platform has been designed for all companies that have customers that generate data in different places: website, mobile apps, call-centres, Physical Point-of-sales, IoT sensors, you name it.

And also for companies selling complex products and services: product that requires a reflection time before buying it (ex: mobile phone package), unique products (ex: a used car is almost a unique product with 40 unique characteristics), and personalized offers (ex: insurance products designed for a group of customers).

Multiplication of online and offline offers fragments even more your team’s understanding of the customer journey, due to the lack of global consolidation of your data.
Discover how our platform helps you transform your sales team into an augmented salesmen!



Predictive churn and prevent it using NBA.

Personalize insurance offers.

Detect any cross-selling opportunity


Increase customer knowledge and next best actions for your sales teams.

Offer the right car with the right characteristics.

Develop connected stores that use customer’s event in real time for your salesmen.


Identify and contact the right customers for travels that are not fully booked.

Use real-time events from the website and market data to adapt travel pricing.

Offer the right travel package to your customers and increase revenue.


Automate pricing based on characteristics and on prospect behaviour.

Identify the right customer for properties that are difficult to sell.

Prioritize leads after a TV / mailing campaign